Familiar Sandwich Returns to Bismarck

Bismarck Tribune – A popular sandwich is returning to Bismarck. The Grinder sandwich shop operated at 600 S.

Third St. until about seven years ago, when the location became a Starbucks.

The sub sandwiches, which feature seasoned taco meat and a signature sauce and are close cousins to those from the Red Pepper in Grand Forks, are now sold at the Landers Interstate Conoco at 2210 N. 12th St.

“Our model was ‘home of Bismarck’s original grinder,’” said Erika Landers, who runs the new North Side Market deli at her family’s business. “It’s kind of nostalgic in this town.”

Landers’ father, Kevin Landers, is long-time friends with Grinder owner Evan Lips so the sandwiches are something of a tradition with her family.

“Our whole family were huge fans of the Grinder,” Landers said.

The market is open week days.

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